Introducing the Rapid Enterprise Development Framework (REDF)

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The Rapid Enterprise Development Framework

A New Dawn in Software development

The rapid enterprise development framework (REDF) is a tool by which you can rapidly link, transform and manage data from disparate sources. It is as easy and intuitive to use as a spreadsheet. So whether you need to do this for data migration, create a simple integration between two systems or even put a maintenance screen over the top of an existing data source then the REDF could save you thousands in expensive development costs. If any of this interests you and you want to know more or would like a demo then simply drop us a note at

More complex functions/interfaces required?

No problem. We accept that some development may still be required for particularly complex transformations or screen interactions. The REDF is designed to be able to plug in complex routines which we can write for you (at a very reasobnable daily rate) once we've gathered your requirements

System Requirements?

The REDF is controlled by your users via a web page and is installed on a simple webserver. This can be any J2EE compliant webserver such as Tomcat. We are happy to install Tomcat for you when we do the setup if you do not already have an available server!